Thursday, November 05, 2009

Rockets from Greenacres

Hello from Greenacres! We're at the European Seniors Invitation Curling Championships, and this is Team Nordlund from Sweden.

Ronnie Peat's Reform CC were in action last session. Here Jean Lesperance and Michael Burton work on Jim Jamieson's stone.

Did I mention Sweden? No, sadly he's not yet the required age. This IS his shirt (I think) worn proudly by Chris Wells of Wales.

And here's the Wells Wales' team in action.

RCCC Competitions Manager Colin Hamilton is here.

As are the Terje Oyen Norwegian team.

Women's event now: Annette MacDonald

Spot the odd one out! (Clue. Joyce Tosh is the umpire, the others are the colourful Els Neeleman rink)

Talking of umpires, Alan Stephen is the chief umpire, who's being ably assisted by Joyce and Ron Tosh. And did I mention rockets? Yes, Alan was firing rockets at the players to get them to curl speedily. It is after all November 5.

Marion Craig and Mary Barr

Marion again

And again! Penny for them, Marion.

Results from the event can be found here, and also here.

All pics © Skip Cottage