Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inverness Saturday

Right. Tonight's competition. Study these four photographs carefully! A question follows.

Steffan Walstad

Jennifer Martin

Graeme Black

Lauren Gray

So what do Lauren, Steffan, Graeme and Jennifer have in common? They all skipped their teams to the top of their sections at the Highland Junior International today, and because of that they are through to the semifinals of the event tomorrow.

All the scores and the lineup for the quarterfinals (the teams which finished second and third in each section) are here.

And here are a few more impressions of today. Enjoy.

Grant Hardie. Had to beat the Norwegians to be top of their section but they are still in the quarters against Bartschiger.

Nicole Dunki

Jaap van Dorp delivers.

Thomas Muirhead and Grant Hardie

Manuela Siegrist

Manuela Siegrist and Isabelle Maillard

Not a composition one sees very often! Lauren Gray and Grant Hardie.

Who is this Chinese skip? Does she have a dynasty?

Hannah (Fle)ming

Claire Lang and Katy Richardson sweep Zoe Bain's stone, with Gina Aitken in the head.

Colin Dick and Pascal Eicher

Glen Muirhead

Pascal Eicher

Helen King, with Rhiann Maclead and Vicki Adams behind

Rebecca Steven, with Claire Dagen and Maggie Wilson

Naomi Whyte

Team Maillard

Joacim Suther

David Bartschiger

Jennifer Dodds - apparently it was a bad hair day!

Team Siegrist

Helen King

Seffan Walstad skips the Norwegians, and plays third stone. Markus Hoiberg plays last stones for the team.

The pains and travails of the coach - Brad Askew

Pics © Skip Cottage