Monday, November 16, 2009

Two moments from Inverness

I've posted a selection of pics from the Highland Junior International in a Picasa album here. I'll get these captioned this week. The Inverness rink is not the easiest venue in the world in which to take reasonable photos, so apologies that some are a bit ropey! Best I could do. Again, the selection is not comprehensive.

Here are a couple of photos which capture 'moments in time'! Above is the situation in the men's final with two stones to come. Muirhead is one down, but holds the hammer. The Norwegians assess the situation and decided to guard the centre line port, which they do well. This leaves the best option for Glen to go after his own red stone, front of the house on the left. He plays it takeout weight, angles it perfectly towards the two stones in the centre of the house. The blue disappears, and two red stones are left in play, to give the game to Team Muirhead. Great shot!

And here's a photo which I just like! It's the women's semifinal. Jennifer Martin is skipping, with Mhairi Baird playing last stones, and Vicky Wright and Rachel Hannen as the front end, against Team Fleming (who went on to win the event). Jennifer is watching the stone she's just played, with Abi Brown and Alice Spence behind. Click on the photo to see it in a slightly larger size. You can supply your own caption!

That's it from Inverness. What else has been happening in the world of curling? Check out Kay's weekend roundup here.

Pics © Skip Cottage