Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday at Greenacres

It looks to be a miserable day outside, but here at Greenacres there is a warm welcome, a friendly atmosphere and some good serious curling.

None of the bright colours for Claes Roxin and his Swedish team - black is the choice.

It really was serious stuff this morning against Russell Chambers, skipping the Hugh Stewart team.

Off the ice too, it's serious business, as the Norwegians and Hungarians replay the cut and thrust of their match...

... or maybe not!

Here's today's sequence from the favourites, the Keith Prentice team. First the delivery.

Calm reflections from the skip as the sweepers and vice do what they are paid for!

"Oh, for ***** ****", or similar!

Jacqui Crawford and her team were doing well, until they ran up against the Alison Reekie team this morning, and lost the game on a measure at last stone.

Alison and Kate Fyfe are puzzling out what to do.

"Kate.... Do you think we should buy Bob a noddy hat to keep his head warm?"

Gunilla Bergman is the 'manager' for the Ingrid Meldahl team. Important job this, here buying the drinks! As I said above, it's a serious business this seniors' curling. But not TOO serious!

You can find out who's beating who here and here.

Photos © Skip Cottage