Sunday, November 22, 2009

Second Sunday update from Aberdeen

After the first seven rounds of the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Championship, all the teams have played each other. Three share top position, as shown on the standings above.

The was the big game of Sunday's second session, Muirhead v Munro. It was the second loss of the day for the GB side. Down early, they staged a spirited fight back, but Gail was determined that this would be a game for her team to win. She counted three at the ninth. Two up without coming home, she was perfectly played past a guard to remove the Muirhead stone in the house. All the linescores are here.

Only one thing left to do, and that's to pay tribute to all the third players, who exist to make their skips look good!

Lynn Cameron (Team Claire Milne)

Lyndsay Wilson (Team Gail Munro)

Kay Adams is really skipping the Gillian Howard team, but throws third stones. So here she is doing just that!

And here is Kay calling the shots!

Jckie Lockhart (Team Eve Muirhead)

Claire MacDonald (Team Lauren Gray)

Claire Hamilton (Team Anna Sloan)

Becca Kesley (Team Hannah Fleming)

Kerry Barr (Team Sarah Reid)

Photos © Skip Cottage