Saturday, November 07, 2009

Semifinal time

Mike Dick, (above) third player for the Colin Hamilton team, with front end Trevor Dodds and Ian Macpherson, were up against Team Prentice (Keith Prentice, Lockhart Steele, Robin Aitken and Tommy Fleming) in the semifinal of the European Seniors Invitation Championships at Greenacres. One down coming home, Colin played two great stones in the final end. His last was perfectly played, traversing a port, and inching aside a near perfect Prentice freeze to count two, and put his team into the final.

Karl Nordlund and Vice Per-Arne Andersson (who plays second stones) in the other semifinal. Wolgar Johansson and Owe Larsson are the other members of the rink.

The Swedes were up against Gary Macfarlane (above) who had Douglas Ratcliffe, Don Rutherford and Gordon Crawford. The match was close, the Scots trailing by two in the last end. Gary had the chance to tie the game, but his chap and lie hung wide, and the Swedes were in the final!

I wouldn't even begin to suggest what (who) they are discussing!

Marion Craig, Rhona Fleming, Catherine Raeburn and Anne Malcolm were against Marie O'Kane, Carolyn Hibberd, Gillian Drury and Katie Nixon in the women's semifinals. Craig took and early lead, but the Irish fought back and were one up playing the last. A stone played early into the four foot was guarded well and the O'Kane side stole the eighth to be in the final.

Here's the Isobel Waddell team. That's Edna Nelson delivering, with Lynne Stevenson and Elma McCulloch ready to sweep. They always looked the winners over their opposition on the day, Noram Gourlay.

Lois Brown and Carol Anderson were the front end of the Norma Gourlay team with Patricia Thomson as third player.

Four great games, watched by an appreciative crowd behind the glass. Find the linescores here and here.

Photos © Skip Cottage