Tuesday, December 06, 2011

More Christmas Shopping

I can imagine how my friend Brian Martin must feel. He's the proprietor of Ailsa Craig Jewellery. I was thinking of him as I delved into consumer advice with Christmas shopping ideas last week.

His (new) website is down through no fault of his own, and he won't be online for another week or so. So he has no way of contacting his customers and showcasing Christmas ideas.

He's give me a temporary contact email address:, and wants to ensure everyone that Ailsa Craig Jewellery is still in business!

Amongst other things, Brian stocks wee curling stones which as, everyone knows, make perfect stocking fillers suitable for either sex, any age. You can never have too many!

PS What do I want Santa to bring me this year? A Grand Match would be good. And a Russian doll. Don't laugh. I'm serious. A few years back I saw on a well known internet auction site a set of the traditional wooden dolls of different sizes, that stack inside each other, WITH A CURLING THEME. I bid for them, but was unsuccessful. I wonder if any of the Scottish supporters in Moscow might keep an eye out for such?