Sunday, December 04, 2011

Women 3 v Sweden

Leslie reports from Moscow:

"Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Claire Hamilton lost their second game in a row here in Moscow at the Le Gruyere European Championships to Sweden's Margaretha Sigfridsson by default when time ran out.

The team appeared genuinely surprised when the Chief Umpire stepped forward to stop the game.

Sweden, with the hammer, blanked the first end and in the second Maria Prytz came up just light against two and Eve was on the board. Third end and Sweden counted two shots on last stone draw.

Fourth and Eve was forced to draw for a single but in the fifth with Sweden taking control of the game Eve faced three with her final stone of the end. She attempted a difficult double and roll but only left Sweden to play a simple tap for a three and a 5-2 lead at the break.

In the sixth end Eve drew for shot but in the seventh the Scots fell further behind as Prytz hit for a two which so easily could have been a three. The Swedes stole a single in the eighth as Eve's attempted raise and tap back narrowly missed on the angled raise.

Ninth and Eve hit and lay for a two but the Scots were behind 8-5 and it was into the final end, and history was written as Scotland ran out of time."

Scores: Switzerland 9 Czech Republic 7 (extra end), Russia 8 Germany 3, Italy 11 Latvia 4, Denmark 11 Norway 2, Sweden W Scotland L (time default).

All the results and standings are here.

Mike Haggerty's report for the Royal Club is here.

I had another attempt to watch the webcast from Moscow on my computer this morning via the Eurosport Player. It was a little better than yesterday, but still disappointing compared with the output that I've enjoyed so much this season. Mind you it was great to hear the commentary. Kenny Edwards and Alison Walker - what a team! Still, I find it ironic that the World Curling Federation is putting so much money into webcasting and television, yet it is unable to provide a webcast service that is worth watching, never mind paying for, with their current links with Eurosport. If Laola1 can do it, why can't the World Curling Federation? How has your experience been? Is there any way to complain? Sure there is. Kate Caithness is the WCF President. Colin Grahamslaw is the General Secretary. The WCF office is in Perth, Scotland. Contact details are here.

Sticking with moving images for the moment, there's a short YouTube video here from the opening ceremonies. Members of the Lucy Fan Club will want to watch this! And here's more.

One advantage of seeing live feeds from the Championships is to be able to hear the fans. It's great when any curling event can attract fans to watch! I nearly choked on my All Bran this morning as I read this piece by Al Cameron. Apparently the Canadian Curling Association has a 'code of conduct' for fans. And cowbells are to be banned! What utter nonsense. Is that not pathetic. And we're supposed to admire the Canadians as the leaders in our sport! Even respected Canadian observers are puzzled by this one, read Bob Weeks here.

If it goes any further, fans will be required to sit in silence when watching the Ford Worlds in Lethbridge. (I'm exaggerating!) But I would like to hear the response when any official then tries to tell a Swiss supporter not to ring his bell!

Top: Photo © Leslie Ingram-Brown