Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Forfar Under-17s

What is the final venue in the sequence Perth, Lockerbie, Greenacres, Hamilton ..............? It is of course Forfar, as the Forfar Indoor Sports curling rink hosts the last of the Under-17 events today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.

I've seen a little of all the 'U17 Slam' competitions this season, and what a successful series this is. The rink at Forfar today was bursting at the seams with twenty-two teams, and coaches, parents and friends. Just a wonderful atmosphere.

As I write this, the overall Slam winners are yet to be decided. The team with the best record in three competitions will get, as their prize, the opportunity to attend the World Curling Federation's Junior Camp in Fuessen, as will the best girls' team. We'll find out tomorrow who these will be. The current standings after four events can be downloaded from this page.

The format of these competitions has been six sections of four teams, playing three six-end games on the first day. The top team in each section goes forward to a high road, the best two on points and ends getting byes to the semifinals. The other four play two 'quarterfinals'. Second placed teams in each section play off in a separate low road.

This evening, Rachel Hannen and her team of Rachael Halliday, Lauren McIntyre and Alison Fyfe, and Bruce Mouat with Angus Dowell, Calum Greenwood and Thomas Halder, were the teams straight through to the high road semis. Gregor Cannon, Bobby Lammie, Connor Ballantyne and Christopher Henry were up against Alastair Mitchell, Andrew Morton, Jack Brisbane and John Graham in one quarterfinal, and James Carswell, George McConnell, Ben Bremner and Peter Dagen faced James Baird, David Baird, Simon Wood and Calum McLean in the other.

Find out how these games went, and all the other results, including the low road, here.