Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Curling: Chess on Ice and other stories

The first Winter Youth Olympic Games are getting ever closer. Indeed, the torch has been lit in Greece, read about that here, see photo here, and it's on its way to Innsbruck.

Click on the image above, or here, to see what Eve Muirhead and Uli Kapp are saying about being 'curling athlete role models'!

It's not the first time that Eve has been an 'ambassador', see here.

On the subject of YouTube vids, I rather liked this short promotional video by Thomas van den Berk, about the Anette Norberg team, the current women's world champions. Have a look.

Thanks to Logan Gray for bringing it to my attention. The film has been shot, in part, in black and white, rather effectively too.

Not that I'm usually a fan of black and white.

Nor is Logan. With help from his sponsors at Loudmouth, Logan and friends - you will recognise some I'm sure - hit Glasgow town centre recently, suitably attired and all different, see below. Wonderful. I'm sure my home town has never seen anything quite like it!

For the record, it was less that two years ago that the Norwegian men's team made a fashion statement at the Vancouver Olympics, see here. And of course they ignited a healthy debate about what should be worn on the ice! The argument still rages between the 'curling is colourful' supporters, and those who prefer 'black bin bag' attire. I hope that the former will dominate in 2012.

Lighting up George Square. Photo courtesy of Logan Gray. Many more in his Facebook albums!