Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lockerbie Junior Invitation Saturday

A warm welcome to this young Netherlands team. L-R: Wouter Gosgens, Laurens Hoekman, Floyd Koelewyn, Ezra Wiebe and Diederick Bontebal.

How have they been faring at the Lockerbie Junior Invitation? The results are all here.

Skip Diederick Bontebal.

The GB team were looking good in their blues today. L-R: Duncan Menzies, Angharad Ward, Thomas Muirhead and Rachel Hannen. They were playing in a men's section and this afternoon saw them against Ben Fowler's English team. No pressure for Angharad then! No problems either, as Team GB won that encounter.

Angharad is in the hack, with Rachel and Thomas her sweepers.

And here's Duncan.

So, what else wafted in front of the lens today?

Ross Whyte

Ross has teamed up with Robin Brydone from Perth for this weekend, together with Kerr Sands and Zack Stewart. Here Robin and Ross watch behind Thomas Sloan, who was skipping and leading for the Blair Fraser team.

Here's Blair.

Here's three of the Gary Cannell team. L-R: Daryl Russell, Gary, and Fraser Thomson. Fraser is having a 'wee nap'!

"What? Me sleeping? Never!"

Jamie Fraser delivers, Daryl and Fraser ready to sweep.

Jennifer Dodds

Murray Young

I wonder if I should mention to Lesley Young that sliding with your tongue out might be considered impolite in some cultures?

Actually, here is a little photo essay dedicated to Lesley, entitled, 'Life at an Angle'! The evidence?

First submission.

Second submission, with third player Louise Joiner.

Final evidence!

"Aaww, skip, it wisne ma fault!"

Elspeth Lean

Kirsty Sloan and Naomi Whyte are on Eilidh Templeton's stone ...

... and this could be their skip Hazel Smith. She's just shy!

Mhairi Baird

Anna Fowler joins in to help Lauren Pearce and Hettie Garnier get by the guard.

Struan Wood

I think Struan is explaining to me that 'two weight' is between the hog and the front of the house. Or maybe not!

Maggie Wilson encourages Claire Dagen and substitute for today, local curler Ella Paul.

Grant Barr can always be identified anywhere in the rink. Here he is ready to sweep with James Carswell on skip Stuart Marshall's stone. Thomas Halder is in the house.

All photos © Skip Cottage. Let me know if any names are wrong.