Thursday, December 08, 2011

Men Tiebreaker 1 v Switzerland

David Murdoch and his team have won the first of their tiebreakers in their bid to reach the playoffs of the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Moscow. They beat Switzerland this morning in a game that lasted just six ends.

The Scots now face the Czech Republic in the second tiebreaker.

Leslie reports from Moscow:

"Another early rise here in Moscow and another walk in darkness to the Megasport Arena as we prepared for the first of two tie-break sessions to determine the fourth and final qualifier for the Men's Page Play-offs at the 2011 European Curling Championships here in Moscow.

Switzerland against Scotland and Germany against Czech Republic was the reward for those hard line curling supporters who got up early this Thursday morning.

With the hammer David blanked the first end taking a two in the second and then the teams exchanged pairs over the next two ends for the Scots to lead 4-2. Then, in the fourth, the game was taken by Scotland when Switzerland missed the chance to split the house leaving David a free hit to lie three shots. Michel came up short with his last stone and it was a steal of three and a 7-2 lead at the break.

In the sixth Scotland lay two shots and another miss on a takeout by the Swiss skip and Scotland stole one to lead 8-2. Swizerland conceded.

David, Glen, Ross and Richard will now play the Czech Republic this afternoon (local time 14:00) who defeated Germany 7-4 with the last stone of the game.
SUI 00200 0XXXX = 2
SCO * 02023 1XXXX = 8
GER 01010 01100 = 4
CZE * 20002 10011 = 7

All the results, standings, and statistics are here.

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