Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Word from Forfar

Whilst the U17 event, and the Slam, were working towards their exciting conclusions at Forfar today, in the three sheeter the Festive Under 13s competition was underway. Above, Jim Keillor with the winning team. L-R: Callum Wood (2nd), Adam Keron (skip), Blair Butchart (lead) and Ewan Barr (3rd). Well done!

Runners-up were Ryan Barron (skip), Jane Neill, Adam MacDiarmid and Campbell White.

Photo of the day! This is Jodie Duff, the 'hot shots' champ, with 24 points, ahead of Craig Barr (18 points) and Gavin Hay (14). Out of shot is Jodie's proud dad John, what with Jodie's success in one part of the rink and other daughter Hailey playing the low road final in the other!

Parents at Forfar today and yesterday, award yourselves medals. These 'young junior' events depend on your support. To be there to congratulate, to be there to console, but really, just to be there! Can't happen without you. Thank you.

Pics © Skip Cottage.