Sunday, December 04, 2011

Men 3 v Germany

Johnny Jahr, who won the European Championship in 1985 as Rodger Schmidt's second player, was up against Scotland at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships this afternoon.

David opened with a single in the first with the hammer and stole a single in the second when Felix Schulze missed his take-out to blank the end. The German fourth made amends in the third end tapping back for a two and peeling the game 2-2.

Scotland counted another single in the fourth but they lost a three in the fifth when David Murdoch's final hit and roll caught the wrong angle, leaving Schulze a draw to lead 5-3 at the break.

In the sixth end, the Scots drop a shot against the head on a measure when David just slid to the back of the four foot. Murdoch, Glen Muirhead, Ross Paterson and Richard Woods went another shot down in the seventh when David's final stone failed the draw test. But the team took two back in the eighth with a perfect hit and lie.

Ninth and Schulz missed his last stone draw, giving David a steal of one. German still led 7-6 into the final end, with the last stone advantage. David's team make too many errors and put no pressure on the Germans who came away with three shots and a 10-6 winning line.

Denmark, the other undefeated team after two games, lost to Sweden, so the Germans are outright leaders of the A Group.

Scores: Germany 10 Scotland 6, France 7 Italy 4, Sweden 8 Denmark 3, Czech Republic 11 Latvia 8, Norway 9 Switzerland 5.

You can find all the other scores and standings here, including all the results from the B Groups. Note that England and Ireland men are undefeated after three games in the Blue Section. Follow John Brown's blog here.

Mike Haggerty has his report here.

It may not be quite like a live webcast, but CurlIT have this play by play as part of their results service to the championships. You need a good imagination of course, and following a whole game in this fashion is surely only for the severely curling afflicted. Note to self - must get out more!

Top: Photo of Johnny Jahr is © Leslie Ingram-Brown.