Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This just in ...

Curl Aberdeen, Sheet D
Monday, December 19, 2011

From our own correspondent:

The curling world fell silent last night when David Kelly, playing third for Willie Jamieson in the Super League, drew behind a corner guard.

"I had always been told that's what they were there for," a still shaking Kelly said afterwards, "it's just that playing for Willie it never seemed to happen."

"It was just like page two in the Skol Book of Curling," an effervescent Jamieson quipped later in the changing room, after seeing off a hopeless bunch of nobodies 12 - 10 in a nail-biter that demonstrated conclusively that you can pay a terrible price for show-boating twice in the same game without actually losing. "The trouble is, I couldn't remember what it said to do next."

Rebecca Morrison (14), second player in the fired-up Jamieson squad said, "We were going to introduce split times tonight, but after the success of the corner guard we didn't want him any more confused than normal."

File photo of David Kelly who - as you can see - takes his sport very seriously indeed!

Pic © Skip Cottage