Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Women 8 v Latvia

Leslie reports from Moscow:

Eve, Anna, Vicki and Claire were looking for a win against Latvia this morning to secure a place in the Page Play-offs at the Le Gruyere European Championships.

Latvia won the Last Stone Draw but immediately were on the back foot as Eve lay three shots in the first, two of which counted as Ineta Maca hit and rolled out. In the second end the Latvian skip saved the day for her team, by drawing second shot against five. Third and Maca drew for a pair.

Fourth and Eve took the single and in the fifth Maca faced four shots, hit and went and it was three to Eve and a half time lead of 7-2.

At this point the Adams sisters changed places with Kay coming off the bench to replace Vicki.

Sixth and Latvia hit for one against three and then stole in the seventh when Eve was short with her final stone draw. Eighth and Eve took another shot to open up a four shot lead 8-4 and in the ninth Maca hit for two. Scotland kept things clear in the tenth for the win.

With Russia losing to Sweden the qualification equation became much easier. So, if Scotland win their final game against Switzerland, they will stay in third place, behind undefeated Sweden and Denmark. If Germany win their last game and Scotland lose, whilst both of these teams will sit on the same points, Scotland will still be in third place courtesy of the round robin result between these two teams.

RESULTS: Denmark 6 Switzerland 5, Italy 9 Norway 5, Sweden 8 Russia 4, Germany 5 Czech Republic 3, Scotland 9 Latvia 6.

Standings: 8/0 Sweden (Q1) 7/1 Denmark (Q2) 6/2 Scotland (Q3) 5/3 Germany 4/4 Russia 3/5 Italy Switzerland 2/6 Czech Republic 1/7 Latvia, Norway.

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Top: Alternate Kay Adams delivers, with Claire Hamilton and Anna Sloan her sweepers.
Above: Vicki Adams, who played the first half of the game, behind Latvian skip Iveta Maca. Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown.