Monday, September 20, 2010

Logo Launch for World Juniors

What better person could there be to launch the new World Junior Curling Championship 2011 logos than three times gold medallist Eve Muirhead, here at the Dewars Centre in Perth today?

This is the main championship logo which has been designed by Perth and Kinross Council's Design Team, particularly Lynn Robertson and Ishbel Valentine. It depicts a well-known iconic image of Perth along with the circles of the curling 'house'. Perth Bridge, also known as Smeaton's Bridge or the Old Bridge, spans the River Tay which runs through the city of Perth and has been the backdrop to many games of curling in winters gone by when the river was frozen over. In order to increase awareness of the Championships, the houses at the Dewars Centre have been painted to resemble the championship logo for the duration of the 2010-2011 curling season.

This is the Players Championship logo which is a simplified version of the Perth Bridge and this logo will be used on the players' arm patches and on other merchandising materials.

The rink was resplendent in its new livery today. New scoreboards too!

Congratulations to Paul Martin and his staff on the transformation. No easy job!

That's Bill Duncan in the centre, flanked on his right by Eve Muirhead and Kay Adams, and on his left by Pete Loudon and Lynn Robertson. Bill is the Chairman of the Organising Committee for the 2011 World Junior Curling Championships. He says, "I am pleased to now have my executive team in place, with David Hay as my Vice Chairman, looking after the Facilities and Ice requirements, Peter Loudon on the Marketing and Ticketing committee, James Ewart on Hotels and Transportation, and Emma Niven on Catering and Functions. All of the sub-committees now have their teams in place and all are working hard to make sure that we produce an event that will reflect well on both Perth and Scotland.

John Gellatly will look after the finances, and three time World Junior Curling Champion Sarah Macintyre will be working closely with me, both in advance and during the Championships.

We continue to get welcome input, and the full support of both the World Curling Federation and the Royal Club, and regular contact is well established."

The event website went live yesterday. Find it here. Early Bird tickets can already be purchased, and you can register your interest if you would like to be a volunteer!

Today saw curlers on the ice for the first time at the Perth rink this season with an opening bonspiel (above) and a 'Come and Try' session.

Photos © Skip Cottage