Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wheelchair Curling Squad for 2010-11

If you have an interest in wheelchair curling, you will enjoy Eric Eales' stimulating thoughts on the future of that branch of the sport, see here. Eric argues for a complete rethink on how the sport is structured.

And talking about wheelchair curling, I note that our Wheelchair Curling Squad has been announced and has gone up, quietly, on the RCCC website, here.

The individual athletes selected to the Wheelchair Curling Squad for Season 2010-11 are: Gregor Ewan, Jim Gault, Tom Killin, Rosemary Lenton, Angie Malone, Michael McKenzie, Aileen Neilson and Jim Sellar.

One name is missing from the list, GB Paralympic skip, Michael McCreadie. He says, "I have decided to take a season out of international competition and re-assess next season."

Michael admits that the last couple of years have been difficult and his enjoyment of the game has been affected. Nonetheless, he says, "I hope to enjoy again the sport that has given me so much fun and a little success. Good luck to the new squad."

Michael remains involved with the Scottish Wheelchair Curling Association, which is a good thing. His experience of the sport, and commitment to it, are too important to be lost. And hopefully we will see him on the ice again soon, playing with renewed enthusiasm.

Photo of Michael is © Skip Cottage and is from a British Curling Media Day at The Peak, Stirling, in 2009, which was organised by Mike Haggerty (British Curling's media officer) and Katriona Bush (sportscotland's corporate media adviser).