Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another from the archive

The decision on what should be this week's archive footage was made after seeing Alan MacDougall (above) in action as England's skip, in the European Mixed Curling Championship at Greenacres on Tuesday. (His team of Lana Watson, Andrew Reed and Suzie Law is doing well too this week, see here.)

Nearly twenty years ago, he won gold for Scotland at the 1991 World Junior Curling Championship held in Glasgow's Summit Centre. His team then was James Dryburgh, Fraser MacGregor and Colin Beckett. Canada's Noel Herron, Rob Brewer, Steve Small and Richard Polk were the opposition in the final game.

Here is ten minute's worth of key moments from the final. Apologies to the 'front end union', as the edit, both the original and mine, is almost entirely of third and fourth stones.

Thanks to Kirsty Letton for the original VHS tape of a BBC broadcast of the match. Richard Harding and Jim Sanderson are the commentators.

Click here, or on the image below, to watch, and enjoy, another great sporting moment in Scottish curling history!

Top pic of Alan is © Skip Cottage