Friday, September 17, 2010

Greenacres Junior Masters

I looked in to the Greenacres Rink today, to see the Junior Masters U-21 event off and running. The twelve junior men's teams include visitors from Italy. That's skip Andrea Pilzer delivering, with sweepers Daniele Ferrazza and Roberto Arman at the ready. Third player Amos Mosaner is out of shot in the head. The Italian side opened their account with a win over Bruce Mouat's team. The results are on the Greenacres website here.

Here are just a few pics to give a flavour of the event.

Greenacres was really looking at its best, bedecked with flags in anticipation of the Euro Mixed next week. Michael Reid's side were much too strong on the day for the Kyle Smith team.

Ross Whyte, nearest the stone, is usually found skipping his own team. But today he was playing for his brother Ruaraidh, and sweeping alongside Chris Howat.

Local curler George McConnell in full concentration!

Jay McWilliam, above, and his team of Grant Hardie, Struan Wood and Ian Copland were outfitted in what the Skip Cottage fashion correspondent described as a 'retro look', but very smart it was, and they counted a win in their opening game!

Gary Cannell was the opposition skip in a tough opener.

Scottish Junior Champ Lauren Gray has a newish lineup this season with Jennifer Dodds, Tasha Aitken and Caitlin Barr. They finished ahead of Rebecca Steven's side in their first round game.

Katy Richardson, Gina Aitken and Mhairi Anderson brightening the day with their colourful tops! Vicky Wright was in the head for Gina, her skip, in this pic. The Aitken team took three in the last end for their win over Jennifer Martin.

Mhairi Baird and Rachel Hannen. Mhairi plays the last stones for the Martin team, Kirsten McNay second and Rachel, lead.

Abi Brown watches as Alice Spence and Becca Kesley look after her stone, Hannah Fleming in the head.

Naomi Whyte and Jennifer Paul. Jennifer's team of Fiona Telfer, Hayley Smith and Clare Lang came out on top in this game.

Here's the rest of Naomi's team - Heather Morton, Alison Fyfe and Erica McGeogh. There must be a good caption for this one?

If all goes well I'll be back at Greenacres for the final games on Sunday. In the meantime, I'll be following the results here.

Pics © Skip Cottage