Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More on the Euro C Qualifying

Slovakia and Belarus have qualified to compete in the B Division of the next European Curling Championships in Switzerland, December 3-11. These two countries finished the six-game round robin at Greenacres in the C Qualifying Competition with 5-1 win-loss records. In the medal game the Slovakian team ran out 10-1 ahead, after just eight ends. That's the Gold medal winners in the picture above. The team is made up of the four brothers Pitonak, (L-R) Pavol, Frantisek, Peter and Tomas.

The countries that missed out were Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Iceland

Silver medal winners, Belarus: (L-R) Dmitry Kirillov, Dmitry Yarko, Pavel Petrov and Ilya Kozlovski.

Photos courtesy of Hugh Stewart