Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Opening day at Greenacres

David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Dillan Perras and Louise Wood, Scotland's team at the EMCC2010, won their opening game this morning at the Greenacres rink.

That's Louise and Kerry working on Dillon's stone.

Their opposition was the Russians. Olga Jarkova skipped and played third stones. It was a tight match. The teams swapped threes. Then David was just short with a draw for a three to go three up into the last. The Russian fourth, Alexey Stukalskiy, needed a hit and stay with his last to force the extra, but it rolled too far and the Scots were on the board!

And here is an important part of the Tartan Army - Claire and Luke Perras! Claire of course should be playing, but her second baby is due in three weeks, so she is leading the cheers from behind the glass.

I'm not doing an event blog from the event, but hope to be back to see more games later in the week. In the meantime, I'll be following the Greenacres website for the results here.

I plan to sort through the rest of the pics I took today, and post the best later. If you get the chance to look in to the Greenacres rink in person this week, I am sure you will enjoy the experience!