Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ice ready

Some Scottish rinks are already open for business. The others are getting ready for a new curling season. It's an exciting time.

On a trip north last weekend, I looked in at the Kinross rink. Steven Kerr has been making ice for twenty-five years, eighteen of these at the Green Hotel. That's him on the right in the pic above, with Donald, sealing in the recently painted circles.

There have been a number of improvements at Kinross over the summer, mostly to the ice plant, but also to the upstairs lounge and viewing area. Enhanced food and snack menus will be welcomed by local curlers and visitors alike, I'm sure.

First games will be next week.

Another rink where there have been lots of changes over the summer is Forfar. The complex has a new website, see here, or click on the screenshot above.

First games at Forfar will be Thursday, October 7, with the new Forfar Open competition taking place on October 8-9. The rink has a 'Come and Try' on October 10. So if you want to start your curling career on an auspicious date (10am on the 10th day of the 10th month in 2010) you know where to go!

And curlers heading for the Dewars Rink in Perth for their first games will get a surprise. New circles will advertise the World Junior Curling Championships which will be held at Perth, March 5-13, 2011. Splendid idea! Red and black was just soooooo boring! And it's a great way to engage with all the local curlers and stimulate interest in the event.

Pics © Skip Cottage