Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rhona helps launch 'Vote for Sport' campaign

This great photo of Rhona Martin and Margo MacDonald is from the Deadline Press and Picture Agency website (here) accompanying Christine Lavelle's story on the launch of the 'Vote for Sport' campaign.

Our Olympic curling gold medalist Rhona and MSP Margo teamed up yesterday at the Centre for Sport and Exercise at Edinburgh University to launch the campaign which is designed to raise the profile of sport throughout the Scottish Parliamentary elections next year. Read more in Christine's article.

I liked Rhona's quote, "Sport has played a huge role in my life - I have had the honour of representing my country on the highest stage. However sport has a positive impact on all who participate from the local park to the Olympic Games. Sport has the power to support a nation but more importantly it has the power to support individuals - it is often our first experience of winning and losing, it promotes team-work and co-operation and most of all it is fun."

You could not say it better. And sport (make that curling) is fun, although sometimes we tend to forget this!

You can pledge your own support on the Vote for Sport website here. 

I don't have a name for the snapper who took the pic above but he/she certainly deserves a credit!