Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog Changes

Most blogallies will already know that Skip Cottage Curling will close its doors at the end of this season.

With that in mind I encouraged John Brown to make Toothy Tales an independent site, rather than a Skip Cottage associate blog. His new site is here, and recent posts include a review of what happened at the English Mixed Championship at Fentons. I'm hoping John will be able to port his older posts from the old blog to the new one. (The old blog is here.) So, bookmark Toothy Tales and follow John's efforts.

Behind the Glass is set to become an independent site too. Robin has a new post here. Do you think all games of curling should be eight ends?

I look forward to contributing more to the Curling History blog, which is here.

Other blogs for you to follow include the new Scottish Curling Tour blog, here.