Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GB Gold at World Transplant Games

Two GB teams competed in the curling competition at the World Transplant Games in Anzere, Switzerland, alongside two teams from France, one from Germany and one from Switzerland. The team skipped by Mark Brown, with George Lebon, David Lilley and Mike Hanking-Evans captured the gold medals, and Jo Matthews, Edward Dodd, Simon Rendersan and Musa Ncube won bronze.

I don't have much more information on this, but it seems to me very worthy of a mention today! Congratulations are certainly in order. There's a story and photo of the medallists here.

WCF rules applied, except that the games were five ends.

The World Transplant Games Federation exists to visibly demonstrate the benefits of successful organ transplantation, work to increase public awareness of its success and thereby increase organ donation rates, as well as promote the full rehabilitation and wellbeing of participants.

The Anzere event website is here.

(Thanks to blogally Glenda Barrowman for the heads up on this.)