Tuesday, March 06, 2012

World Juniors: Women 6 v Japan

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Sweden:

"There was nothing of beauty about the sixth round game against Japan's Sayaka Yoshimura for Hannah Fleming, Lauren Gray, Alice Spence and Abi Brown as the Scots made it five wins defeating Japan 7-5 in the tenth end.

With the hammer and aided by a hit a roll out by Yoshimura with her second stone of the first end Hannah drew for a three. This was to be the deciding factor of the game as every other end had a score line of one shot.

Yoshimura drew for a single in the second and Hannah was forced to draw against three in the third and on a measure was awarded second shot. A steal for Japan.

Fourth and again Hannah had to draw but made sure this time and it was one shot back to Scotland. A shot was stolen in the fifth as Yoshimura could draw only second shot.

In the sixth and seventh, single shots were shared but in the eighth Japan had a chance of a three but Yoshimura was wide with her take out and counted only one. A missed last stone draw by Scotland in the ninth gave Japan a second steal of a shot.

In the tenth, with final stone Hannah hit and counts one shot and the girls win 7-5.

With Sweden losing to the Czech Republic, Canada, Russia and Scotland are sharing top spot with five wins followed by Sweden and the Czech Republic one point adrift.

Tomorrow our Junior Women Champions play Italy then Switzerland. Two wins will go a long way to qualify for the Page Play-offs but Russia awaits in their last game."

RESULTS: Russia 6 USA 4; Czech Republic 9 Sweden 8; Norway 8 Italy 4; Scotland 7 Japan 5; Canada 11 Switzerland 4.

Standings: 5/1 Canada, Russia, Scotland; 4/2 Czech Repoublic, Sweden; 3/3 Japan; 2/4 Switzerland; 1/5 Italy, Norway; 0/6 USA.

The official website is here.

Top photo © Leslie Ingram-Brown.