Monday, March 05, 2012

World Juniors: Women 5 v Czech Republic

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Sweden:

"Clinical and ruthless would be a fair description of the play of Scottish Junior Women's Champions Hannah Fleming, Lauren Gray, Alice Spence and Abi Brown in the way they despatched Czech Republic's Iveta Janatova in eight ends at the World Junior Championships here at Ostersund. And it has to be remembered that the opposition had ditched team Canada 10-3 in only six ends in the opening round.

With the hammer Scotland drew for two in the first end and forced the Czech Republic to draw for shot against three counters in the second. The third end was blanked and the Scots hit for a single in the fourth which the Czech Republic reposted in similar manner in the fifth. Scotland were leading 3-2 at the break but this was in way a reflection of the increasing domination of the Fleming team which was immediately rewarded in the sixth when Hannah drew for three shots and then had a steal of two shots in the seventh to lead 8-2.

Scotland again lay two, perhaps three, in the eighth when Janatova played a last stone draw for shot and conceded the game. After the game Hannah said, "This was our best game so far and our stone placement is getting better."

Italy won its first game when they defeated Switzerland whilst Canada, Sweden and Russia were the other winners leaving Canada, Russia, Scotland and Sweden at the top of the ranking on four wins from five games. Tomorrow the Fleming team play Sayaka Yoshimura in their only game at 14:00 CET."

RESULTS: Sweden 7 Japan 6; Canada 8 USA 4; Scotland 8 Czech Republic 3; Italy 7 Switzerland 6; Russia 10 Norway 3.

Standings: 4/1 Canada, Russia, Scotland, Sweden; 3/2 Czech Republic, Japan; 2/3 Switzerland; 1/4 Italy; 0/5 Norway, USA.

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Photo © Leslie Ingram-Brown