Saturday, March 24, 2012

World Women: Page 3-4

Korea beat Canada in the Page 3-4 game at the Ford World Women's Curling Championship in Lethbridge, Alberta, and now will meet Switzerland in the semifinal. One down with hammer in the tenth, Korean skip Ji-Sun Kim lay one with her last to play. She confidently promoted another of her own stones two feet to count two and win 4-3. Exciting to watch!

Canada will contest a bronze medal game with the losing semifinalist.

The linescore is here. And there's a full report here.

You can watch the TSN broadcast of the whole game here. Or just jump to the tenth end. The Korean coach, Min-Suk Choi, knows his stuff. Neither Bob Kelly on the Eurosport commentary, or Russ Howard, for TSN, had picked up on his suggested play for Korea's third Seul-Bee Lee, a stone which turned the end. Great stuff!

Top: Ji-Sun Kim follows her stone which is being swept by Seul-Bee Lee and Un-Chi Gim. Above: Ji-Sun Kim. Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown.