Thursday, March 08, 2012

World Juniors: Men 9 v Czech Republic

Kyle Smith's Scottish team beat the Czech Republic in the last game of the round robin at the World Junior Championships in Oestersund, Sweden. This confirms Scotland's place in the playoffs, ranked number three in the standings, and Kyle, Thomas, Kyle and Kerr will play in the Page 3-4 game against Norway.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Sweden:

"Scotland won 9-4 over the Czech Republic. This was a one end game. Scotland with the hammer took a two in the first end, lost a two in the second, blanked the third, and took a two in the fourth. The Czech Republic blanked the fifth and Scotland led 4-2 at the break.

The sixth was a two to the Czech Republic and seven was blanked. The eighth had something different. With skips last stones to come, Scotland lay four as Czech Republic skip Lukas Klima played a lovely draw round three Scottish stones in the front of the house. There was a cluster at nine o'clock and it appeared, and confirmed by coach Robin Halliday after the game, that Kyle said let's go for the in-wick across the house and see if we can move the stone out of the four foot. Kyle's weight was up but his line was good and all of a sudden when the dust settled Scotland lay five shots and game.

Canada in the meantime was wrapping up a 10-7 victory over Norway. China and Finland went to an extra end as did USA and Switzerland. There was to be no joy for Finland as they had a last stone draw pick up as it approached the house, coming up short. Italy and Finland are relegated to the European Junior Challenge; venue and date to be announced.

On the other sheet all eyes were on USA as, should they win, there would be no tiebreaks for the play-offs. In the extra end USA lay two. Switzerland failed to better either of the stones in the house. USA won 7-6 and there will be no tiebreakers."

RESULTS: China 10 Finland 9 (Extra end); Canada 10 Norway 7; USA 7 Switzerland 5 (Extra end); Sweden 11 Italy 3; Scotland 9 Czech Republic 4.

STANDINGS: 8/1 Canada; 7/2 Sweden, Scotland; 6/3 Norway; 5/4 USA, Switzerland; 4/5 China; 2/7 Czech Republic; 1/8 Italy; 0/9 Finland.

The event website is here. The schedule for the remaining webcasts can be found here.

Top: L-R Robin Halliday, Hamilton McMillan, Kyle Smith, Thomas Muirhead, Kyle Waddell and Kerr Drummond are presented to the fans. Photo © Leslie Ingram-Brown.