Wednesday, March 07, 2012

World Juniors: Men 7 v Switzerland

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Sweden:

"Kyle Smith, Thomas Muirhead, Kyle Waddell and Kerr Drummond still need one more win here at the World Junior Championships in Oestersund, to be sure of qualifying for this weekend's playoffs. Such is the complexity and variations possible within the top six teams, only wins will do and looking for the tie-break back door entry is currently not an option.

Switzerland won the Last Stone Draw and opened with a pair with skip Dominik Marki drawing for the second. In end 2, Kyle had a hit and lie to tie the score 2-2. The Scots stole in the third and Scotland led 5-4 at the mid game break.

Switzerland blanked six and seven and in eight, against four shots, Marki played a perfect draw to the tee.

In the ninth, Marki was heavy and ran back of the house and in the open, leaving the Scots an open tap back for three to lead 8-5. That was enough for the win.

The Scots are now on five wins, and play China and the Czech Republic tomorrow."

RESULTS: Canada 9 Czech Republic 5; Sweden 8 Finland 4; Norway 7 USA 6 (Extra End); Scotland 8 Switzerland 6; China 8 Italy 7 (Extra End).

STANDINGS: 6/1 Canada, Norway; 5/2 Scotland, Sweden; 4/3 Switzerland, USA; 3/4 China; 1/6 Czech Republic, Italy; 0/7 Finland.

The event website is here.

Top photo © Leslie Ingram-Brown