Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Three Championship Weekend

I've already mentioned that the Scottish Wheelchair Curling Championship begins tomorrow (Friday) at Curl Aberdeen. The results will be here. Two other national titles will be decided this weekend.

The Scottish Pairs Championship is at Stranraer. Twenty-four pairs are in the draw in the competition which will be run in four sections, see here. I think it is unhelpful that the Royal Club website only indicates the participants' rinks, and not the competitors' names. I wonder who is playing!

(Added later, 14:30. A team list download has now been added to the competition website here. Perhaps someone at Cairnie House read Skip Cottage Curling this morning and took my comment on board. If so, thank you, whoever it was.)

The team list for the Scottish Schools' Championship can be downloaded from the competition page, here. The finals return to Murrayfield after last year at Forfar and have the twenty-four teams which have qualified during the season for the final stages of the competition. The teams will play in four sections. First games are at 11.00 tomorrow. The Duncan Menzies team from Arbroath High School won last year, see here. Robert Fawns was third player in the winning team and skips that school's entry this season.