Sunday, March 04, 2012

World Juniors: Men 3 v Sweden

The Scottish men's team was involved in a controversy in the extra end of their game against Sweden tonight at the World Junior Championships in Oestersund. Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Sweden, and explains as best he can:

"It was a tight game, an interesting game, a good game and what a pity it was apparently spoiled by an incident in the extra end.

Scotland claimed a touched running stone. There followed what appeared to be a debate on the ice as to what had actually happened. Sweden are reportedly saying that it was confirmed to the Scots that the stone had been touched and left it up to the Scots as to what to do. Although an umpire was seen apparently to be involved, we cannot report what was the umpire's impression or opinion as the Scots seemed to decide to leave the stone in play being of the opinion that it should have been Sweden who should have removed the touched moving stone from play.

Rule R8 TOUCHED MOVING STONES of the World Curling Federation Rules of Curling and Rules of Competition Booklet dated June 2011 clearly defines the options. The question which remains unanswered is where on the ice did the indiscretion take place.

The Scots looked visibly upset but regardless of this Kyle had still the draw to win the game. But the records will show that he threw heavy and left Sweden lying shot and game.

The game itself was marked by the number of blank ends. Scotland with the hammer blanked the first with the skip playing a perfect hit for two in the second. Sweden blanked the next four ends before the teams swapped singles in seven and eight.

Sweden again blanked the ninth and in the tenth skip Rasmus Wrana played a delicate tap back using his own stone for the two shots to take the game into the extra end.

Canada won over Switzerland and together with Sweden are now the only unbeaten teams in the Men's Championship after three rounds. Smith has only the one game tomorrow against Brendan Bottcher's Canadians."

RESULTS: Norway 10 Czech Republic 4; USA 6 China 5; Italy 9 Finland 8 (Extra end); Canada 7 Switzerland 6; Sweden 4 Scotland 3 (Extra end).

All the linescores and standings are here. Mike Haggerty has his take on the game and the incident here.

Top photo: Skips in the head.

Above: Kyle Waddell delivers, with Thomas Muirhead and Kerr Drummond the sweepers.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown