Sunday, March 04, 2012

World Juniors: Men 2 v Italy

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Sweden:

"It was real overtime here at the World Juniors in Ostersund, Sweden, in the Junior Men Round 2, as three games; Scotland v Italy, Switzerland v China and USA v Canada all went to extra ends with resultant wins for Scotland, Canada and China.

For Kyle Smith, Thomas Muirhead, Kyle Waddell and Kerr Drummond there were some very anxious moments on their way to their second win here in Sweden over Italy's Andreas Pilzer 6-5. The game opened with Scotland winning the hammer but it was Italy who opened the scoring stealing a single in the second end when Pilzer drew against two and Smith failed to clear. In the third, again Pilzer had to be good as he lay shot with his last stone draw, but Smith had a chance of a three but counted only two. The fourth was blanked.

Italy hit for a pair in the fifth and lead at the interval 3-2. Smith drew for two in the sixth but Italy replied in like manner in the seventh to lead 5-4. The eighth and ninth were blanked and in the tenth, lying shot after Pilzer missed his take-out, Smith had a draw for the game but was heavy and ran through. So it was into the extra end with Italy holding the hammer.

With skips last stones to come and facing two shots Smith went for the tap up on a lonely Scottish stone at the front of the house; got a slight angle, ran into shot position but was not fully covered. Italy opted for the raise tap back on the front of three lying Italian stones in the house. With Kyle Smith unable to watch, from the beginning third player Amos Mosaner was screaming for the brushes and as Italy hit at the wrong angle, only managing to push the Scottish stone over the house but still left lying shot and game."

RESULTS: China 7 Switzerland 6 (Extra end); Norway 9 Finland 8; Canada 9 USA 6 (Extra end); Sweden 8 Czech Republic 5; Scotland 6 Italy 5 (Extra end).

Find all results and standings here.

Top: Skips in the house.

Kyle and Thomas in contemplative mode.

Thomas Muirhead delivers, with Kyle Waddell and Kerr Drummond the sweepers.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown