Thursday, March 08, 2012

World Juniors: Women 9 v Russia

Hannah Fleming's Scottish team beat Russia, at an extra end in the last round robin game at the World Junior Curling Championships. That means that Scotland, with a record of seven wins from nine games, is in the Page 1-2 match. Five countries were tied in second place in the rankings with the same 6-3 win loss record.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports:

"Hannah Fleming, Lauren Gray, Alice Spence and Abigail Brown did their bit by defeating Russia at an extra end 8-7 without need of their last stone. Scotland was the only team on seven wins and occupy first place. Five teams were ranked on six wins; Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Russia and Sweden. The Czech Republic's round robin results placed them second and they will play Scotland in the Page 1-2. There will be two tie-break games to-morrow morning: Russia v Canada with the winner being ranked third, and Japan v Sweden with the winner ranked fourth.

As for the game itself Anna Sidorova drew first blood for Russia at the first end. Scotland replied with a draw for three in the second thanks to a last stone raise which could have been a four. In the third end Sidorova drew for two but the Scots replied with a takeout in the fourth, also for a two. Russia had to take a single in the fifth and Scotland led 5-4 at the break.

The teams exchanged singles over ther next five ends and with the score 7-7 it was into an extra end. With skips' last stones to come, and Russia lying, Fleming took out the Russian stone but lay in the back four. Sidorova went for the draw and was heavy - Scotland were in the Page Play-offs ranked 1."

RESULTS: Japan 8 Czech Republic 5; Italy 7 USA 5; Sweden 7 Canada 5; Italy 7 USA 5; Norway 8 Switzerland 5; Scotland 8 Russia 7 (Extra end).

STANDINGS: 7/2 Scotland (Q1); 6/3 Czech Republic (Q2); 6/3 Canada, Japan, Russia, Sweden; 3/6 Norway, Switzerland; 2/7 Italy; 0/9 USA.

Tiebreakers: Canada v Russia (Winner will be ranked 3), Japan v Sweden (Winner will be ranked 4).

The event website is here.