Sunday, March 11, 2012

World Juniors: Presentations

Women's Gold Medallists Scotland: L-R Debbie Knox (coach), Jennifer Martin (alternate), Abi Brown (lead), Alice Spence (2nd), Lauren Gray (3rd) and Hannah Fleming (skip).

Men's Gold Medallists Canada: L-R Bernie Panich (coach), Parker Konschuh (alternate), Bryce Bucholz (lead), Landon Bucholz (2nd), Evan Asmussen (3rd) and Brendan Bottcher (skip).

Men's Bronze Scotland: L-R Hamilton McMillan (alternate), Robin Halliday (coach), Kerr Drummond (lead), Kyle Waddell (2nd), Thomas Muirhead (3rd) and Kyle Smith (skip).

Sportsmanship award winners as voted by the competitors: Norwegian lead Sander Rølvåg and Canadian skip Jocelyn Peterman.

Check out the video highlights of the finals and skips' interviews here. There are other presentation photos and lots of great action by Richard Gray in the official website galleries here.

Photos © Leslie Ingram-Brown