Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baljaffray at Greenacres

It was only the briefest of visits to Greenacres yesterday but I caught a little of this game between Bruce Mouat's side and Rachel Hannen's team.

Here are the other members of Team Hannen. Rachael Halliday is delivering, and Lauren McIntyre and Alison Fyfe are the sweepers.

Alastair Mitchell (behind) encourages his front end, Jack Brisbane and John Graham. Andrew Morton is in the head.

Naomi Brown and Shaun Rennie.

Naomi is thinking, "I wonder if Santa might bring me a hat like Karina's?"

(Apologies to Karina Aitken as she has already appeared in a caption competition!)

Meanwhile, the other members of the team, Laura Barr and Sophie Sinclair, are hard at work.

Shaun Rennie, whose team was Andrew Maitland, Janine Philips and Rachel Ireland.

Katie Murray, who had Lucy Morton substituting for the injured Kirsty Morton today, with Sophie Jackson and Gayle Allan as usual.

Findlay Kingan delivers his skip's stone, with the front end Fraser Morton and Callum Wright ready to sweep, Chalmers Porteus in the head.

Heather MacDonald is the one scratching her head as Carolyn Baird and Emma Reid follow her stone. Their skip, Mhairi Strang, is in the house.

Rebecca Morrison

Rebecca was skipping the Curl Aberdeen team against the Cameron Bryce team (Neil Sutherland, Callum Potts and Amy Bryce) from Borders.

And here are the Aberdeen team, Kirsty Lockhart delivering, and Alasdair Izat and Emma Scott on the sweeping.

Photo of the Day. "Enthusiastic supporters watch the action." (I'm pretty sure Calum Greenwood is NOT asleep, but I might be wrong!)

Here is the Gavin Barr team from Murrayfield. George Sinclair and Hamish Logan are the sweepers. I think Fraser Ewen will be in the head.

Craig Joiner skips the Forfar team of Adam Flint, Euan MacDiarmid and Ewan Maguire.

"Don't look now, Jenni, but he's pointing the camera at us again!" Jenni Cannon and Lauren Morgan.

Hard working umpire Ron Tosh is closely supervised!

The results are all here.

As usual, let me know if I have any names captioned incorrectly, or if I've got team lineups wrong. Photos © Skip Cottage.