Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seniors at Murrayfield

It was good to see old friends from the Reform Curling Club on the ice at Murrayfield yesterday, the league stages of the Edinburgh International Seniors Championship underway, and continuing today. That's Michael Burton and Gordon Eadie, above, ready on Andy Robinson's stone, Ronnie Peat in the head.

Elaine Semple was skipping the Jacqui Crawford team. Pat Ross and Helen Burton are the sweepers. Alison MacLennan is in the head.

The Mary Barr team is the other ladies' team among the sixteen in the competition. Captions wanted. Nothing about buses, please!

Here's Mary in action.

Study this photo carefully. There's something you don't see very often. Yes, Gary Macfarlane is the sweeper on the left with Don Rutherford, on Jean Lesperance's stone.

Alan Guthrie (on the left) was leading and skipping, with Gary playing fourth stones yesterday. "What would you prescribe here, Gary," is what I think Alan is saying!

Royal Club President Pat Edington was on umpiring duty yesterday.

Michael Sutherland ponders what might have been!

The Alan Durno - Keith Prentice game was interesting to watch. That's Alan in front. In fact, Keith was missing from Team Prentice. So too was Lockhart Steele - I hear Lockhart has an injury which is keeping him off the ice. "Get well soon, Lockhart," is the cry. That brought Archie Craig in to skip Robin Aitken and Tommy Fleming, with John Sheddon playing yesterday at second. (I think supersub Archie has now played in every position in the team!) Anyway, Archie played a perfect hit with last stone to defeat Alan's side yesterday.

What I liked the most was seeing just how much everyone was enjoying themselves yesterday. Curling's a great game, isn't it!

Photos © Skip Cottage