Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stirling Invitational

Across the heads at the Stirling Invitational at The Peak yesterday. Can you identify everyone? From top: Tom Brewster, Mark Neeleman, Eve Muirhead and Kristian Lindstrom.

Kyle Smith has delivered, Kyle Waddell and Kerr Drummond in attendance. Thomas Muirhead is in the house. Qualified top in Section C.

Sweden's Oskar Eriksson.

Oskar's team. Kristian Lindstrom, on the left, plays last stones for the team, here with Henrik Leek and Christoffer Sundgren, if I have the names correct. Qualifiers from Section A.

Marco Pascale had brought his team from Italy.

Spot the 'odd one out' as Team McCleary discuss strategy.

Robin Niven is right there as skip David Hay delivers.

David Murdoch and Sandy Reid.

Moray Combe plays the last stones for the Reid team who came out on top against Team Murdoch yesterday morning. Team Reid topped Section D.

Team Carlsson from Sweden.

"The sun rises over The Peak as Logan Gray meditates on whether red or yellow handled stones are the happier."

Team Logan Gray in action. Qualified second in Section C.

Kerry Barr is still replacing Sarah Reid in Team Reid. Get well soon, Sarah.

Tom Brewster. Qualified second from Section B.

Colin Dick, Grant Hardie, Jay McWilliam on Billy Morton's stone. Top team in Section B!

Now, how many years ago were Hugh Aitken and Norman Brown winning Gold at the World Junior Championship? Yes, you're right, it was thirty-one years ago, back in 1980 with Andrew McQuistin and Dick Adams! (Actually, Norman has just become eligible for the Scottish Seniors next season. Hugh says he still has lots of years to go!). They were both playing for the Frazer Hare team yesterday.

Ewan and Euan. Mouthwateringly good to see them playing together again, as Euan agrees!

Team Muirhead in action. Claire Hamilton and Anna Sloan sweep Vicki Adams' stone.

And again. Claire and Vicki at the ready for their skip. Team Muirhead finished second equal in Section B, with three wins and two losses, the same as Tom Brewster's side. But they had beaten Tom on Friday. However, in this event the rules clearly stated, "The top two teams in each section will qualify for the quarterfinals – teams are ranked by points followed by team draw shot distance. Head to head results will not be used. There will be no tie break games." Eve's team had a poorer team draw shot distance that Tom, and so lost out on a place in the quarters.
    "OK you guys. How much do I have to pay you to wear the pink shirts?"

    If all goes well, I'll have more from the knockout stages later today.

    Photos © Skip Cottage