Monday, November 14, 2011

Gormac 2011

Graham McIntyre (on the right) with the winners of the Gormac 2011 at Greenacres yesterday. L-R: Ken Horton, Gordon Butler, Angus Storrie and Eddie Binks. The Scottish Senior champions beat Gary Macfarlane (skip), Douglas Ratcliffe, Don Rutherford and Stuart Walker at the last stone of the final.

Here's Ken in action.

Now, Hugh Stewart, whose photos these are, thought I might like to pose a little connection puzzle for all blogallies of a certain generation. So what is the connection which links all those I'm going to name in the next few pics?

Bob Kelly, here throwing.

Willie Jamieson delivering, and David Kelly, sweeping, in the red and yellow!

Carolyn Hibberd, delivering.

Jan Howard.

Graeme Adam.

All were members of Glasgow Young Curlers Club in the 1960s and early 1970s! They haven't changed a bit!

Photos © Hugh Stewart