Saturday, November 12, 2011

Twenty-five years of cupcakes

One of my earliest, and happiest memories, is helping my mum make cupcakes at our home in Cardonald when I was a wee boy! Thanks, Louise Edwards for bringing back this memory.

No, I haven't (quite) lost the plot!

You see, it's the 25th anniversary of the Aberdeen Ladies Invitation competition, on the Curl Aberdeen ice this weekend. There is a silver theme running throughout the weekend. Check the photo above. Silver cupcakes, baked by Louise Edwards, one for every competitor. Apparently they have all disappeared already!

Here are all the competitors. Click on the image to see a larger size, and see how many you recognise!

More to come on what happens on the ice, but in the meantime 'Happy Birthday' to the Aberdeen Ladies Invitation, and best wishes to all involved.

Now, Louise, I have a request!

Photos © Louise Edwards