Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking for results?

You can find all the results from the Highland Junior International on this well set out website here.

The results from the Stirling Invitational are available in the form of downloads from the bottom left of this page. Eve Muirhead and her girls beat Tom Brewster's side in the second round 'battle of the sexes'!

The results of the eighth Gormac International at Greenacres can be found here. My good friend and blogally Hugh Stewart sends these two photos of the teams to watch this weekend!

Team Graeme Adam. L-R Jean Lesperance, Stuart Naismith, Bob Kelly and Graeme Adam (skip).

Here is Team Latvia. L-R: Ineta Maca (skip), Elena Kapostina, Rasa Lubarte and Ieva Rudzite.

I've suggested to Richard Harding that perhaps the Greenacres rink could be 'twinned' with Riga's kerlingahalle! (Is this an original idea? Do curling clubs in other parts of the world have twinning arrangements, in the same way that so many towns in the UK seem to be partnered with European counterparts?)

Photos © Hugh Stewart