Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finalists at Curl Aberdeen

Final time at the Curl Aberdeen Women's Tour event today. Here are the combatants:

The Jennifer Dodds team had topped Section B. L-R: Mhairi Baird, Susan Kesley, Vicky Wright, Jennifer Dodds.

The overall Tour title already in the bag, Hannah Fleming's side was looking to make it a double after their win at Forfar. L-R: Abi Brown, Alice Spence, Lauren Gray, Hannah Fleming.

Here are a few photos from the final to give you a flavour of the day.

The skips in the final. Hannah Fleming and Jennifer Dodds.

Lauren delivers, with Abi and Alice ready to sweep.

Susan and Mhairi sweep Vicky's stone.

Abi Brown

Alice Spence

Mhairi Baird

Susan Kesley was throwing second stones for Team Dodds.

And taking the head for her skip's stones.

Intense concentration from Vicky, playing third stones for the Dodds team.

Lauren is third player with the Fleming team.

Jennifer Dodds

Hannah Fleming

So, who won? It was 3-2 for Dodds after five, then two blank ends as Hannah looked for the two she needed. The last end was a classic. Lots of stones in play. Hannah was just short with an attempted freeze with her first, leaving her opposition lying shot. Jennifer guarded, and Hannah had a chance to tie the game with her last. She was good on weight, but the stone needed to curl an inch more. Team Dodds stole the end, and the game!

All the scores are here.

Photos © Skip Cottage. Presentation pic to come.