Monday, November 21, 2011

On the Podium at the Province Championship

Province Winners - Stirlingshire (Kilsyth CC) L-R: John Davie (skip), Billy Johnston (3rd), Michael Goodfellow (2nd) and Neil Murray (lead).

Runners-up - Midlothian (Gogar Park CC) L-R: Niall Gunn (skip), Phillip Garden (3rd), Stuart Dodds (2nd) and Sean Murphy (lead).

Low Road Winners - Upper Strathearn (Auchterarder CC), L-R: Garry Rutherford (skip), Stuart Nicoll (3rd), Helen Christie (2nd) and James Davidson (lead).

Low Road Runners-up - North Eastern (Meldrum & Daviot CC), L to R, Duncan Allan (skip), Andrew Allan (3rd), Sarah Anderson (2nd) and William Allan (lead).

All the results are here.

Photos © Hugh Stewart