Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Drimsynie to the Waterfront

We hear, all too often it seems, of rinks closing, but do we wonder how the curlers affected cope, and what happens to them? The Drimsynie rink at Lochgoilhead closed in the spring of this year.

Sandy Morton sends this report:

"After much examination Jimmy Brown, Province Secretary, arranged that Province games would be played at the Waterfront in Greenock. The first of these games was played yesterday with a full complement of eight clubs and the ice and company were excellent.

Winners were Benmore Kilmun who also had a 7-ender but tidied the stones away before I could get a photo, and runner up was Millport.

Of interest is that two other clubs were standing by in case of any last minute call offs and one of these was Oban who would only have had to drive 96 miles to get to Greenock - that
is enthusiasm!"

Thanks Sandy. I love the photo below - an unusual first for the curling blog!

Top: A busy Tuesday afternoon at the waterfront. Below: What happens just outside the window at the Waterfront. Can you think of another rink with big ships that close? (Braehead, perhaps?) Photos © Sandy Morton.