Saturday, November 19, 2011

Front End Focus

As a fully paid up member of the Front End Union myself, I thought it about time we celebrated the hard workers on each team. So here are a few more pics from the Women's Tour at Curl Aberdeen today. Above are Mhairi Baird and Vicky Wright, front end for Team Jennifer Dodds.

Rowena Kerr and Rachel Hannen were front end for Katy and Margaret Richardson today. (Usually the Gina Aitken team).

Claire Dagen and Kirsten Brown, front end for Maggie Wilson today.

Lesley Young's front end Beth Dandie and Hailey Duff are enjoying their job in this pic!

Mhairi Anderson and Fiona Telfer work on skip Jennifer Martin's stone, Tasha Aitken in the house.

The Rebecca Steven front end, Elspeth Lean and Karen Munro.

Jill Donald and Fiona Steele, front end for Judith McFarlane.

The Kate Adams front end, Elspeth Johnston and Jill Florence. Apparently Jill is giving Elspeth directions so they can join all the youngsters on their night out on the town in Tiger Tiger. "You just turn left off Market Street."

"No, straight down Union Street, you can't miss it."

"No, I'm pretty sure it's off Market Street."

"Last time I was there, I met a guy, he was this tall!" (Other captions are available.)

The Team Barr and Team Fleming front ends were featured in an earlier post, here. The Team Smith front end had a bye this afternoon.

Photos © Skip Cottage