Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Matthew Templeton at Kelso

Congratulations to the winners of the Matthew Templeton Trophy, played last week at the Border Ice Rink, Kelso. L-R: Tommy Fleming, Euan Stark, Grahame Prentice (skip) and John Shedden.

The Matthew Templeton Trophy is the main open competition run by the Border Ice Rink, and many years ago would have regularly attracted an entry of sixty-four teams from all over the south of Scotland. In more recent times this competition, like many others of its type in other rinks, has seen a drop in entries. However, a move to evening ice saw an entry of twenty teams this year.

Standings and results are here. This page also lists all the winners since the 1964-65 season!

Thanks to James Buchanan for the photo.