Sunday, November 06, 2011

Inverness Skins

The Ally Fraser and James Greenwood teams made it to the Inverness Skins final this weekend. If you go to this page, and click on the 'Click Here for Current Scores' link, you can download a pdf file that has all the results from the event.

Keith Petrie sends this report, "It was a good final, the Greenwood team (Neil Macarthur, skip, Dean Clark 3rd, Grant Fraser 2nd and James Greenwood lead) took the first three skins taking £45. The Fraser team (Ally Fraser, skip, Dave Reid 3rd, Ruairidh Greenwood 2nd and Tom Pendreigh jnr lead) picked up a two in the 4th for £20 but failed to steal the 5th and Greenwood took another £35 for a total of £80. The Fraser team then took the 6th end giving them a total of £70.

However Neil Macarthur, playing some excellent curling, replied by winning the 7th end worth £50 giving him a total of £130. With it all hinging on the 8th end which was worth £100, the Greenwood team kept the pressure on and left Ally without a real chance with his last stone. Greenwood picked up a steal and £100 giving then £230 to Ally’s £70.

Although there was a good gap in the £s, the game was a lot closer than the score suggests. Both teams played a high standard of curling giving the gallery of spectators a very good game to watch."