Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Senior friends

I've been watching how the other 'home nations' are doing at the World Senior Championships in Saint Paul. Above L-R: Michael Sutherland, Tommy Campbell, John Summers and Phil Barton. John Brown is the English men's coach and I'm sure he'll have a Toothy Tale or two in due course once he's discharged his duties in Minnesota. The English men are in the same section as the Scots and the teams are due to play on Thursday, the last game in the section. I found the standings here, which show that in three games the English have won one and lost two.

I had a photo of the English women earlier. They opened well against Scotland, but have lost three games since, see here.

L-R: Peter Wilson, David Whyte, Tony Tierney and David Hume. The Irish are working away in their section, see here.

L-R: Marie O'Kane, Carolyn Hibberd, Louise Kerr and Gillian Drury recorded their first win today for Ireland, defeating Russia 11-1. JohnJo Kenny (coach to the team this week) was telling me recently about the new sponsorship that the Irish have for their senior teams from Albert Bartlett.

L-R: Chris Wells, Hugh Meikle, Michael Yuille and Stewart Cairns. The Welsh have won one and lost three, see the rankings here. Wales just failed to beat Ireland in their tie today in a game which went to an extra end. Ireland won at the last stone when Chris Wells, throwing last stones for Wales, only just missed an outwick double on two Irish stones.

Photos, and info, are courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown