Tuesday, April 19, 2011

World Seniors: Report 3

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from the USA:

At the World Senior Women's Championship at the St Paul Curling Club, Minnesota, Scotland's Linda Young, Maggie Scott, Hazel Swankie and Fiona de Vries recorded their first win in Round 3 by defeating Switzerland's Chantel Forrer 7-6 in a game that went to the last stone. There was never more than a shot separating the teams as they entered the eighth end with the Scots being one shot back at 5-6 and Switzerland very much the favourites to win as they held the last stone advantage. Lying the first and third shots, with Switzerland the second, Young very bravely threw the draw, but was slightly overswept and finished inside the four foot. If Forrer hit on the nose, the Swiss would win the game. But from the outset the Swiss skip was tight and her stone hit a front guard. To the relief of the Scots, their coach, and the small band of supporters, it was a first win to
be recorded.

In the fourth round the Scots got their second win, this time against Sweden's Ingrid Meldahl, in another game which went to the last stone. The score was tied 3-3 after seven. With Scotland lying one, Meldahl tried to freeze on the shot but was slightly wide and lay in the open. Young hit and rolled in towards the centre to lie two shots but was fully open. Meldahl went for the hit and lie, was tight, and only caught about half of the first shot and rolled away. Scotland had won 4-3.

You can find all the results and standings here.